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Mizuno Glove Steaming

Breaking in a new glove is a very important process, but can be time consuming and tough to get just right on your own. By using the in-store glove steamer, our Glove PROS can break your new leather glove into game-ready condition in minutes. The steaming quickly softens the leather and relaxes the seams, which can take weeks to do at home. Your Glove PRO will then work with you to shape and mold the pocket and hinge points in the seams to custom fit to your hand and preferences. Within minutes, you'll leave our store with a broken in, game-ready glove and will be set to hit the field.


Mizuno Gloves bought in PIAS Jonesboro: Free

Other Brands bought in PIAS Jonesboro: $15.00

Customer Owned Gloves: $25.00


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Glove Relacing & Conditioning

Laces getting old, cracking and breaking apart? We can relace it for you! We only use laces from Tanners which have the best leather on the market. 

So, heres the big question? What needs to be relaced on your mitt?


Complete Glove: $75.00    /    Fingers: $10.00

Web: $20.00    /    Palm: $30.00

Heel of the Glove: $15.00    /    Hand Insert: $5.00

Have a question about your glove? Email me and I'll answer any questions you may have about pricing, color of lace, or turnaround time!

Golf Club Re-Gripping

Need a new grip? No Problem. Our trained staff is educated to take care of you! We offer different grips and sizes from the largest golf brands in the business!

Any Grip bought from us we will install for no charge! We will make sure you're happy with it before you leave our store!

Already have a grip? No Problem. We will put it on for you for only $3.00!

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